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"In February 2022 Ukraine was invaded by the Russian military forces. The bombing brought devastation, destruction, and death to the people of Ukraine. Many were forced to leave the country, and many were not able to take their pets with them on the horrendous refugee journey. Dogs and cats have been left behind. They are scared, hungry, and in need of medical care. They are homeless, without human love and care. As a Ukrainian, living in the United States, I couldn't continue feeling helpless. I wanted to do something. That's how the Ukranimals Project started."

Tatyana Veremyova, founder

Our mission is to help homeless animals in Ukraine. Ukranimals is a newly formed US-based nonprofit, organized to fundraise worldwide. We support Animal SOS Odessa — a community of devoted and experienced volunteers who deal with homeless animals' issues every day. YC ORG, a tax-exempt nonprofit entity of Y Combinator, acts as the Ukranimals project's fiscal sponsor. All donations to Ukranimals through YC ORG are tax deductible. 


We work in the following ways:


  • Supply animal shelters and foster families of Odessa region with canned and dry food;

  • Medical aid and recovery for homeless animals that suffered in accidents or from human cruelty;

  • Sterilization and vaccination of homeless animals as the most effective means to control their population;

  • Organization of various events to spread information about how to help and protect animals: kindness classes for schools, photo exhibitions, fairs, and demonstrations;

  • Develop pet adoption centers – shelters where animals socialize, train,  and get prepared to live in a family.



Rescue abandoned and homeless animals to give them a happier life



Supply animal shelters with food in the hard time of war in Ukraine



Maintain safe spaces where animals recover and prepare to live in families



Organize public events to spread our statement and protect animal rights



Our dogs educate kids through special kindness classes and help as therapists for many children with disabilities



We are a strong, growing network of enthusiasts ensuring everyone who needs help will find it

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