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War brings great trials and suffering to both, people and animals. Pets are the same victims of the war and aggression against Ukraine, just like the people of the country. Many animals appeared on the streets of cities, having lost their owners under shelling, left behind during the evacuation, wounded, sick and unfortunate. A lot of animal shelters were left without food and livelihoods. Hungry, emaciated dogs and cats are dying on the streets. Hundreds of homeless animals cannot survive and get food without the help of volunteers. Our foundation began its existence at the worst time for Ukraine and its people. We work closely with the volunteers of the Animal SOS Odessa, who are making incredible efforts to save lives and help animals affected by the war. We need your support so we can most effectively organize rescue, treatment, and food supply for the Ukrainian animals.​

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Ukranimals, Inc., is a Delaware nonprofit nonstock corporation, EIN 88-174980.

YC ORG, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation, EIN 47-3772053. Acts as a fiscal sponsor for the Ukranimals Project to fund charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the US IRC.

All contributions to the Ukranimals Project through our fiscal sponsor YC ORG are tax deductible. To save on the transaction fees, you may use a direct payment via bank. YC ORG bank account details can be found here

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