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Tatyana Veremyova


Organized Ukranimals Foundation in April 2022 to raise money for homeless animals during the difficult time of war in Ukraine.

Have been a California resident, since immigrating from Odessa, Ukraine in 1998. Lives with her husband Max and two cats - Vasya and Lisa.

Beloved dog Mashka passed away in January 2024, after 15 years of friendship. 


Yana Titarenko


at Animal SOS Odessa
Activist, ecologist, head of animal protection organization Zakon Pryrody

Fights against cases of animal abuse, poisonings, murders, cooperates with law enforcement to achieve justice and punishment for the criminals. Initiates and participates in various environment protection programs, gives Kindness Classes, curates sterilization of homeless animals.


Julia Ignatenko

Co-founder of

Animal SOS Odessa

Organizes and manages all public events: charity fairs, demonstrations, photo exhibitions, Kindness Classes. Responsible for fundraising, purchase and delivery of food for shelters of Odessa region. A volunteer with 20+ years of experience, Julia has rescued and found foster families for hundreds of cats and dogs.


Maria Saburova


at Animal SOS Odessa

Has been helping homeless animals since school. Maria specializes on rescuing wild animals and is an active member of Save Fox organization. She has adopted 4 wild foxes in poor health conditions.

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Diana Kolycheva


at Animal SOS Odessa

Organizes catching and sterilization of homeless dogs. Diana has a huge experience of rescue and adoption of dogs including injured ones and those who are on rehabilitation.


Oksana Stanislavchik

Volunteer and bookkeeper

at Animal SOS Odessa

Oksana runs her own shelter — a hospice for disabled and wounded dogs, the ones with spinal trauma or chronic diseases. Hundreds of homeless dogs have been rescued, fed and cured by Oksana.


Victoria Korpusova

Head of Animal SOS Odessa

Supervisor at Dogs Adoption Center, she supports shelters and curators in Odessa, arrives to rescue homeless animals in emergency cases. As an activist Victoria takes part in all relevant public events dedicated to animal rights protection.


Kseniya Vikulina


Volunteer, driver

at Animal SOS Odessa

On a daily basis performs numerous deliveries of food supplies to shelters and curators in different parts of Odessa region.


Marina Guretskaya


at Animal SOS Odessa

Responsible for functioning of Dogs Adoption Centre, coordinates visitors, cynologists, veterinary doctors. Participates in public animal rights protection events, organizes sterilization for homeless cats of Odessa.


Anna Veremyova


at Ukranimals Foundation

Photographer and content maker with great love for animals. Responsible for pictures, videos and texts.


Tatyana Arshynova


at Animal SOS Odessa

The youngest volunteer in our team and a lifelong animals lover. Supports the Dogs Adoption Centre by cleaning cages, feeding dogs, coordinating visitors, participates in adaptation and adoption processes. Shares her spirit on public events, school Kindness Classes and on social media.


Bolt the Akita

Volunteer and samurai

at Ukranimals Foundation

Anti-stress snowball

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