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Who we are

Today we work as a group of devoted and organized volunteers who support animal shelters and help them survive the difficulties of war. We purchase, store and deliver food, organize evacuation to shelters abroad, give informational support to pet owners and other volunteers.

It gets harder every day as we receive more and more requests for help. There are 9 of us on the team, so, in order to keep the project running, we reach out to donors all over the world.


Animal SOS volunteer project started in 2016 in Odessa, Ukraine, and kept evolving. And yet, one thing remains unchanged through all these years: whenever you go outside, you have a chance to meet a stray dog or lost kitten who needs help. 


Today we cooperate with leading veterinary clinics and doctors, guide numbers of fellow curators and foster families, stay in touch with our citizens 24/7, and more, and more...

Since 2019 we also have a shelter of our own, Dogs Adoption Center — a space for rescued dogs to live in peace and exchange love with people. Here they get vaccinated, trained, they socialize and learn to communicate with people — and often meet their new families.

This is a special place where children from schools and orphanages of our city come to play with their fluffy friends, to learn more about their behavior. The dogs are also taken to schools to meet and educate kids. This initiative is what we have called Kindness Classes, it brings a lot of joy to both children and animals.


We have hundreds of like-minded friends and thousands of heart-breaking stories of every rescued animal. We are united by a common purpose: to improve the world around us. And we are glad to see there is no distance that could stop people who share our values.

War conditions challenge us every minute, leaving more and more homeless animals, and more people who can no longer feed or host their loved ones.

Join us and become a part of change!

Make an impact on the lives of homeless animals in Ukraine!

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